A new Chinese mega-telescope may be the first to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life.


A new mega-telescope called FAST may be able to detect aliens as far as 400 million light-years away, according to calculations made by a scientist in Georgia, USA

A new telescope located in China could finally confirm whether aliens exist due to its massive observational platform.

According to calculations, the five-hundred-meter piece of equipment called Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) may be able to detect swarms of von Neumann probes which is a term to describe self-replicating alien space probes, far away from the Sun.

The revelation comes after Dr. Zaza Osmanov from the Free University of Tbilisi in Georgia, discovered that von Neuman probe swarms for highly advanced civilizations could be seen in the radio spectral band.

His calculations suggest that FAST should be able to identify these probes using two frameworks such as the concept of Kardashev civilizations and the number of thermal and electromagnetic energies that the probe swarms could emit.

The concept of the Kardashev scale focuses on the overall energy use of civilisation with different landmarks correlating with the utilization of the whole energy output of a planet, star or galaxy, reports Universe Today.

However, due to the limited time that humans have spent developing on the planet, if life does exist elsewhere in the galaxy, it will likely have had a lot longer to evolve and develop.

Dr. Osmanov says that humans should at the very least be able to spot any path of destruction coming because the self-replicating machine would release some form of radiation – which should be visible in the radio spectrum of FAST.

FAST should be able to detect the swarms of the most advanced type of alien civilizations (Type III, or galactic level tech) within the distance of 400 million light-years.

And While Dr. Osmanov’s paper has only been published on arXiv and his calculations have yet to be peer reviewed, they still offer the possibility that aliens could be detected.

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