‘A much-needed purchase!’ Aldi customers are ecstatic with the new Specialbuy deal.


‘A much-needed purchase!’ Aldi customers are ecstatic with the new Specialbuy deal.

Customers at ALDI have applauded a brand-new Specialbuy that was introduced to the store’s lineup last week for the first time.

Every Thursday and Sunday, Aldi’s Specialbuys go on sale, with some items selling out quickly due to their popularity. The budget supermarket frequently changes and upgrades its stock, introducing brand-new items to its assortment.

The Ambiano Stainless Steel Coffee to Go is one of the store’s most recent additions.

The coffee machine is a must-have deal at only £16.99.

The product had previously been seen on Aldi shelves, but not at this low price.

It cost £24.99 the last time it was on sale.

“Make quick, convenient, and quality coffee at home with this Ambiano Stainless Steel Coffee to Go,” according to Aldi’s website.

“For people who lead hectic lives, this single cup coffee machine with thermos travel mug is great.

“All you have to do is press the one-touch operating switch, and the coffee maker will serve up your morning brew in a couple of seconds.”

“The 24 program timer means you can set it all up to be ready for you as you walk out the door,” the budget supermarket noted.

“It works with ground coffee as well as soft coffee pods.”

A 450ml Thermos travel mug with a comfortable handle is included with the unit, which is a single cup coffee maker.

A permanent filter and a one-touch operation switch are also included.

Aldi released the inexpensive product last week, with an online launch on Thursday, October 8, and it is now available in stores as well.

Customers have applauded Aldi’s newest offering, with many stating that they can’t wait to get their hands on it.

“A highly needed buy,” Instagram user Laura May Brown wrote on the platform.

“I really need this,” Becky Tancock said.

“Want this,” Luke Smith added.

“How cool is this?” wrote Sophie Chidgey.

“I was rather skeptical, given the low price, but decided to give it a chance,” one customer named VitaminP wrote in a review on the Aldi website. The machine itself is light and cheap-feeling, yet it makes a fantastic cup of coffee in under two minutes. “It’s a million times better than my French press.” The 230W Heated Airer was another popular product that the cheap merchant re-launched last week.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” which costs £39.99, is the item.


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