A Married At First Sight UK expert calls bride Nikita’s wants for a husband “shallow.”


A Married At First Sight UK expert calls bride Nikita’s wants for a husband “shallow.”

Paul Carrick Brunson of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT UK called new bride Nikita “shallow” since she had a “very, very particular” list of prerequisites for her dream spouse, which included a great set of veneers.

On E4, Married At First Sight UK has returned with eight new couples taking a walk down the aisle. During Paul’s first meeting with Nikita, 27, he was taken aback by her list of wants for a marriage. Will the matchmaker be able to find her the green-eyed, 6ft tall, henchman she craves?

Nikita, a saleswoman, came into the program knowing exactly what she wanted in a man.

“I’ve had to be with someone really hench,” she told Paul. So they’ll need a big back, shoulders, arms, and legs, among other things. Muscles.

“They have to be six feet tall with green eyes… Veneers and tattoos are a plus. “I adore veneers.”

“Veneers?” Paul asked. Do you want them to get veneers…?”

With the Union Flag, James Cleverly cleverly diverts the attention of BBC viewers.

Nikita was “very, very explicit” in her needs for a relationship, Paul recalled, but she had more to say.

“All right, you know what I’m going to say, right? “They have to be tanned,” Nikita remarked.

She then inquired as to if she sounded shallow to Paul.

“Yes, a little bit,” Paul said without hesitation. What’s shallow is to suggest it’s the only factor that determines whether or not you’ll be happy in a relationship.”

“Do you know what the key word of marriage is?” Paul asked Nikita. Compromise is the golden word in marriage.”

Nikita, who has described herself as fit and witty, was unimpressed with this thought and moaned in response.

“I think our job here is to see through the list and really get to the heart of what Nikita needs,” love expert Mel Schilling said when debating who to pair her with later.

Ant, a 28-year-old model and business development specialist from Manchester, was eventually matched with her by the experts.

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Ant seems to have complied with several of Nikita’s stringent requirements. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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