A man climbs from the fourth storey of a hotel quarantine by tying bedsheets together.


A man climbs from the fourth storey of a hotel quarantine by tying bedsheets together.

AN AUSTRALIAN guy has managed to get out of a Perth hotel quarantine. Local police have already apprehended the man.

On Tuesday evening, a man escaped from his quarantine hotel in Perth, Australia. The 39-year-old guy is said to have made a makeshift rope out of bedsheets, which he then used to descend from his fourth-floor flat.

Police in Western Australia have taken him into custody.

The man arrived in the West Coast city on a domestic aircraft from Brisbane, according to Reuters.

In order to prevent COVID-19 cases from spreading across Australia, the country has implemented state-wide admission regulations.

Despite the fact that the individual applied for admission, the state’s border entry restrictions prevented him from doing so.

The man was told he had 48 hours to leave Brisbane and was escorted to a quarantine hotel for interim confinement before flying out.

According to a Western Australia Police Facebook post, the man “climbed out of a fourth-floor room window using a rope made of bedsheets and fled the area.”

On Tuesday, just before 1:00 a.m., the incident occurred.

They also uploaded a photo of the hotel’s makeshift rope dangling from the window.

The quarantine hotel visitor was found eight hours later on the other side of Brisbane, where he was arrested by police.

He has been charged with failing to comply with a direction and supplying “false or misleading information,” according to sources.

The unidentified man reportedly tested negative for COVID-19 and gave no explanation for his behavior.

According to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Australia has some of the harshest border entry restrictions in the world, with its borders being closed to “most arrivals” (FCDO).

The FCDO adds that “Australian citizens and returning permanent residents, as well as their close family members, are permitted to enter Australia without restriction.”

“Travellers who fit the exemption criteria or have a compassionate or compelling cause to visit Australia can seek for an exception with the Australian authorities.”

However, the FCDO advises that “there is no certainty of the timeframe of a decision or the outcome” due to “high levels of demand for exemptions.”

Those with a pressing need to visit Australia should plan their trip between three and four weeks ahead of time.

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