‘A little disconcerting’ Camilla’s altered Diana necklace, worn as a brooch, has a “connection” to Charles.


‘A little disconcerting’ Camilla’s altered Diana necklace, worn as a brooch, has a “connection” to Charles.

PRINCESS DIANA was well-known for her immaculate sense of style and extensive jewelry collection. The Queen gave several of Diana’s diamonds to her, and following her death, they were passed on to other members of the Royal Family. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, received one.

Due to their respective histories with Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Diana have often been compared. Camilla and Diana have something else in common, royal enthusiasts have observed in recent years: a piece of jewelry that both have worn in the past. The jewel has a “undeniable relationship” to the Prince of Wales, according to one expert.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark received the Prince of Wales’ Feathers Diamond brooch in 1863.

According to the Royal Watcher Blog, it was a present from the Ladies of North Wales before of Alexandria’s wedding to Prince Edward of Wales, who ultimately became King Edward VII.

The Prince of Wales ostrich feathers are encircled by an oval of 18 diamonds accentuated with tiny emeralds and encircled by little diamonds as well.

From the main body of the brooch swings a detachable emerald pendant.

The brooch was passed down through the royal family through the generations until it reached Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Diana discovered the priceless jewel in her hands in 1981, a gift from Her Majesty prior to her marriage to Prince Charles.

Diana used the brooch as a necklace from then on, permanently fastening it to a silver chain adorned with small diamonds.

The royal alternated between wearing the jewel with and without the emerald tear drop pendant.

During a tour of Austria in 1986, Diana wore the necklace, complete with the emerald stone, to the opera at the Vienna Burgh Theatre.

She wore it without the emerald accent to a state banquet hosted by the King of Morocco at Claridge’s Hotel in London a year later.

A supper at the Royal Academy in London in 1984 and a banquet during an Italian state visit in 1990 are two more occasions where the royal has been photographed wearing the jewel.

The necklace was returned to the Queen after Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles and afterwards handed to Camilla.

Despite the fact that the jewel was altered again by the Duchess of Cornwall and has only been worn by.


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