A Japanese capsule hotel has opened in East Sussex for tourists looking for a low-cost option.


A Japanese capsule hotel has opened in East Sussex for tourists looking for a low-cost option.

As millions of people prepare for their summer vacations, a JAPANESE-inspired capsule hotel has opened its doors to Brits.

St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex is home to Pod Central. The venue contains 16 sleeping pods, each measuring up to 1.3m x 2.2m and stacked in pairs. Bedding, storage lockers, towels, a USB port, plugs, reading lights, ear plugs, and fans are all included in the room rate.

On-site, eco-friendly toiletries will be available, as well as shared showers, toilets, and hair dryers.

Mia Preston, the managing director of Pod Central, has resided in the seaside town for over 15 years. “This is a first for the area, offering inexpensive lodging for young people, single parents, retirees – anyone searching for ‘no frills’ lodging in a central location, whether for job, school, or tourism,” she said.

“I came up with this exciting idea when I was taking my kid to visit universities throughout the country and finding affordable lodging was difficult.”

Mia For numerous years, I worked in property renovation and management. Mia had a clinical aromatherapy practice that helped people relax and de-stress.

Pod hotels, which are generally composed of wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass, were originally made famous in Japan more than 40 years ago, giving affordable, basic overnight accommodation for guests.

On June 21, Pod Central opened for business, adhering to UK government requirements regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

The historic cities of Hastings and Battle, as well as Eastbourne, which are about a 30-minute rail ride away, are popular tourist attractions.

The hotel’s goal is to deliver a cost-effective business and stay by utilizing low-energy and underfloor heating.

Motion sensors, LED lighting, and recycling bins are among the other environmentally friendly features.

In the next five years, 20 more Pod Central locations are planned in key towns such as Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and Plymouth, all of which will be near train terminals.

With ‘invaluable miniatures,’ you may ‘save room and money’ in your hand luggage.

The rooms are priced at £30 per night.

Visit www.podcentral.co.uk to make a reservation.

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