A Halo gamer spends years looking for an old Xbox pal, only to learn of his death.


A Halo gamer spends years looking for an old Xbox pal, only to learn of his death.

Many people wonder what happened to random gaming friends they met online, so one Halo player decided to track down an old friend – only to find out some heartbreaking news.

Have you ever made a random online multiplayer friend and wondered what happened to them after they left the game?

When a new Xbox feature that allows you to search for Gamertag account names was released, Twitch streamer Lee Fabela decided to find an old friend with whom he had spent years playing Halo 2 multiplayer.

In a Facebook post, Fabela explained, “I was looking for him for years, and Xbox finally added a search bar that gives you gamertag suggestions.”

“I looked him up and sent him a message, hoping to get a response and maybe play Halo like I used to.”

Fabela waited months for a response after sending him a message.

That is, until he received a message from the man’s nephew, who informed him that his uncle Shaun had died of leukemia a year prior and had left him his Xbox account.

Fabela paid tribute to his former Internet friend in a Facebook post, calling him “the coolest person ever.”

“Finding out an old Xbox friend has died is always sad,” he wrote.

When I first started playing with him, I was about 11 years old, and he was in his 40s.”

“He would play with me while everyone else ignored me because I was a squeaker, and he would jump in when someone older said something stupid to me.”

“He was the coolest guy I’d ever met.”

“We never lost a game when we ran together,” Fabela continued.

This guy is the best online friend I’ve ever had, and a true Halo 2 legend.”

“It’s a shame I didn’t get one last chance to speak with him.”

I believe he now wishes for me to play with his nephew.

It’s unclear whether he continued to play newer Halo games with his friend’s nephew.

Halo, which is now twenty years old, is one of the most popular and influential videogames in Xbox history.

In honor of the console’s 10th anniversary, the most recent installment in the series, Halo: Infinite, has just released its multiplayer mode for free.


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