A guide on planting freesia bulbs.


A guide on planting freesia bulbs.

FREESIA plants are a fragrant and delicate bloom that make a colorful potted addition to the house or garden – but how should these corm-bulbed blooms be planted?

Knowing how to plant your freesia bulbs properly for strong-rooted development is critical to ensuring a repeat flowering time year after year. This is how you should care for this perennial, which is equally as vital as planting it correctly.

Because freesias are prone to decaying when waterlogged, they should be planted in well-drained soil.

While these pretty-petaled plants can be grown in a variety of locations, they are not frost-hardy and should only be put outside in the spring or early summer.

Because their blooming season varies based on their growth environment, the exact planting time depends on where you are growing your freesias.

With September approaching, now is the perfect time to start planting freesias in your favorite pots throughout the house.

Indoor freesias should be planted in the autumn to bloom in the late winter.

For an early summer freesia bloom in your home, repeat the planting technique from January to March.

Freesias for outdoor cultivation should be planted between April and June, and should start to shoot around a month after planting.

“Plant freesia corms in well-drained soil or potting compost pointy-end up, at a depth of three to five centimetres and spaced five centimetres apart,” Gardener’s World recommends on its website.

“Water thoroughly, then set the pot in a cool, shady, frost-free location — around 5°C is perfect.

“When shoots sprout after three to four weeks, transfer to a warmer, more sunny location.”

Freesias’ colorful show is great for creating a perfumed hideaway in your garden, and their color variety is magnificent during their five-week flowering period.

Freesias come in a variety of colors, including zingy yellow, pinks, reds, and pastels, and may brighten up a dreary part of your yard or provide a splash of color to a white background in your house.

White petalled versions of these extremely scented and easy-to-grow plants are also available, and will fill your house and yard with a delightful aroma for the most of the summer – and even into the winter. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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