A Grand Designs couple purchases an £800,000 home with a pond that ‘no one wanted’ and transforms it into a stunning pool.


A Grand Designs couple purchases an £800,000 home with a pond that ‘no one wanted’ and transforms it into a stunning pool.

The latest edition of GRAND DESIGNS featured a couple who purchased an £800,000 plot of land with drainage overflow filtered into a large pond in the garden that “no one wanted to buy.”

Dan and Nina, both designers, begin on a project to build a modern home and transform a section of a pond in their garden, which collects sewage overflow from the surrounding area, into a safe swimming area.

In tonight’s episode, Dan and Nina buy an £800,000 block of land near an estuary in West Sussex.

The property includes a 1930s home in need of extensive renovations, as well as a huge pond in the garden.

Drainage overflow from the surrounding region is filtered into the garden pond, which is filled with algae and green water.

The pair, though, seems unafraid of the unique feature and has grandiose plans to build a new home on the property.

“Most people who came to the property saw this gigantic crater of a pond as a real, real negative,” Dan explained, “but it had been on the market for two years and no one wanted to buy it.”

“There are a lot of things that may potentially go wrong, but that’s where the project’s poetry comes together.”

“That’s probably why so few people have done it before, since I believe it’s quite difficult.”

The couple intends to demolish the ancient house and construct two contemporary residences in its place.

The project entails the construction of an environmentally friendly home that is connected to a biodiverse crystal pond.

They decided to divide the pond into two portions, one for swimming and the other for drainage overflow.

The couple has big ambitions for their house, which will include a section that extends over a swimming area in the pond.

The two buildings are connected by a glass link hovering over the water.

Are you looking for a new house or just want to take a look around? Please enter your postcode here or go to InYourArea.com. “What we’re aiming to achieve is a situation where you can practically open the kitchen window and leap into a natural swimming pond or pool,” Dan added.

Dan added that the water would be made safe to swim in while also ensuring that blue algae, which is extremely hazardous, was not there.

Dan’s father passes away three months into the endeavor. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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