A ‘genius’ woman curls her hair with just a radiator and no fancy heat tools.


A ‘genius’ woman curls her hair using only a radiator and no fancy heat tools.

People were taken aback when a woman posted her hair curling hack on TikTok.

People can’t believe the result of the woman’s attempt to curl her hair locks using a radiator.

A woman has shared her hair curling hack, which involves using a radiator to achieve bouncy waves.

That’s right, you read correctly.

TikTok user @evxtr got a little creative with her hair styling technique, instead of using more traditional methods like curling irons or even wrapping tresses around hair straighteners.

The woman wrapped her blonde locks around the vertical radiator pole, as captured by her pal @mahaut_.ctrr.

The woman held her hair on the heater for a few seconds after wrapping her mane around it three times.

The blonde then yanked her strand of hair from the radiator with a cheeky wink.

Surprisingly, it was successful.

The result was a perfectly curled strand of hair for the woman!

The hair tutorial has 1.4 million views and 81,000 likes since it was posted, inspiring many hair enthusiasts.

Many people flocked to the comments section, stunned by the woman’s hair curling hack, to congratulate her on her ingenuity.

“The Dyson Air Wrap is shivering in his boots,” one commenter said.

“You’re so resourceful, I’m blown away,” said another user.

“So this is how to do the French chic style,” said a third person.

“I did this once, I stayed at a guy’s house and he didn’t even have a hair brush,” said another.

My hair extensions were curled with just a clip and a radiator.”

“Work smarter, not harder,” said a fifth user.

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