A gardening expert reveals the “best approach” for getting rid of “unsightly weeds” in gardens.


A gardening expert reveals the “best approach” for getting rid of “unsightly weeds” in gardens.

A GARDENING expert has revealed their “best method” for getting rid of “unsightly weeds” in your garden without the use of chemicals.

Every gardener has their own weed-removal procedures, whether they use natural remedies or specific tactics. Permanently removing weeds, especially perennial plants with deep roots, can be challenging. Callum Maddock, a gardening expert at HomeHow.co.uk, has now given his top techniques for removing weeds from your yard.

Mr. Maddock suggested that you use specific instruments to guarantee that the weeds are thoroughly removed.

“Using a trowel or a long blade to lift up any deep-rooted weeds is the finest approach for eradicating ugly weeds from your garden,” he stated.

“Make sure you remove everything, including the roots, when doing this.

“After that, you should fill the space with compost, pushing it deep into the pit where the weed was located.”

If the weed was discovered in the middle of your lawn, you can add more grass seed to the top to hide the weed’s patch.

“Grass seed, together with extra compost, should then be spread on top of the patch to cover it up,” the expert continued.

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When it comes to eliminating weds, hand forks and hoes can also be helpful.

A hoe may be used while standing up, which is advantageous if you have a bad back.

It’s to remove the tops from the roots of annual weeds with a hoe to prevent them from dispersing seeds.

For persistent weeds with tap roots, a hand fork is ideal.

To loosen the roots, use a hand fork as a lever, pushing it into the soil and lifting upwards.

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Dandelions are a common perennial weed that can be found in lawns and barren soil.

Daisies, meadow grass, and creeping buttercups are some more common perennial weeds.

Hairy bittercress, groundsel, chickweed, and fat hen are all common annual weeds.

If weeding is a time-consuming process for you, consider laying some mulch.

Mulch is a coating of bark chips, leaf mold, or rotting manure that can keep weeds out of bare soil.

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