A gardening expert reveals a frequent error that might be fatal while caring for houseplants.


A gardening expert reveals a frequent error that might be fatal while caring for houseplants.

HOUSEPLANTS are popular because they are low-maintenance, but if you have a bad reputation for taking care of plants, here are the best suggestions for keeping them alive, as well as the most common mistakes to avoid.

Houseplants are low-maintenance since they don’t require much watering, can tolerate a wide range of lighting, and are accustomed to low humidity in homes. TikTok has revealed which are the most popular options among Britons, as well as the best ways to care for them.

According to new study conducted by Flowercard, the cactus is the most popular low-maintenance plant on TikTok.

The low-maintenance, prickly plant only requires watering once a week in the summer and every four weeks in the winter.

Lavender, a plant with several medicinal features, including a relaxing smell that is claimed to assist sleep, comes in second place.

The French Lavender cultivar is the best to keep as a houseplant.

The Venus Fly Trap is in third place.

The carnivorous plant traps preys quickly, making it an excellent way to get rid of pests in your house.

It’s also a simple plant to care for inside.

“All houseplants require natural sunshine to survive,” said flower expert Liam Lapping, “but how much sunlight plants require is largely dependent on the individual plant.”

He advised that you “do a fast Google to find out the needs of your indoor plants” and that you “make sure you know how often you should water your houseplant.”

“To guarantee your houseplants receive enough natural sunshine, switch off your light and examine how much natural sunlight enters the area where your houseplants live – plants cannot survive on bulb light, so make sure your space receives adequate light,” the expert stated.

“Plants that require a lot of sunlight should be placed near large windows, but shade-loving plants can be placed in corners of rooms or on shelves, for example.

“Another way to make sure your plants get adequate sunshine is to use your phone’s compass to figure out which way your windows are facing.

Because the UK is in the Northern Hemisphere, he noted, “south-facing windows are the best choice for guaranteeing maximum light exposure.”

“Watering your indoor plants depends on a number of factors.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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