A gardening expert provides a ‘newspaper’ technique for ‘suppressing and preventing the appearance of weeds.’


A gardening expert provides a ‘newspaper’ technique for ‘suppressing and preventing the appearance of weeds.’

A GARDENING PROFESSIONAL has provided a clever “newspaper” tip for “suppressing and stopping weeds from spreading through.” The plant expert also explained how to get rid of bindweed, a weed that grows up plants and bushes.

Weeds are troublesome weeds that almost every British gardener may encounter at some stage. Whether it’s a natural treatment or a chemical weed killer, most gardeners have their go-to ways. Horticulturist Adam Pasco has offered a way for “suppressing or stopping” the growth of weeds using newspaper.

Adam presented a step-by-step strategy for tackling nuisance weeds, including bindweed, in a 2015 video for B&Q.

“Use ordinary newspaper, maintain it several layers thick, and place it onto the dirt surface,” he instructed.

“Moisten it after it’s in place so it becomes a sodden mass, then cover it with a bark marsh instead.

“This helps to keep weeds at bay or prevents them from spreading through.”

Because of their robust roots, perennial weeds might be more difficult to eradicate.

They’re “troublesome,” Adam remarked, but one in particular is very difficult: bindweed.

“That grows up and twines up the stems of shrubs and plants all over the garden,” he said.

“However, if you look deeply into the soil surface, you’ll discover that this specific weed creates a whole network of white roots, which we must remove in its entirety.

“Leave one small bit in the earth, and a new weed will sprout.”

“All we have to do now is keep filtering it out and remove the weeds piece by piece.

“However, controlling bindweed that has grown up amid other plants in your borders is far more challenging.

“In this case, the bindweed is creeping up through some plants and supporting itself on the stems of these floral bulbs.”

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It’s time to acquire some chemical weed killer if you detect bindweed growing tangled up with your plants.

When using a chemical weedkiller, Adam recommends wearing gloves.

A unique gel version of Roundup was utilized by the gardening expert.

He smeared the weed killer gel onto as many marijuana leaves as he could, being careful not to get it on any other plants.

“Taking great care not to touch any of the plants around it that you’re trying.” Brinkwire Summary News, he continued.


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