A gardening expert explains how to ‘quickly’ eradicate weeds on your lawn.


A gardening expert explains how to ‘quickly’ eradicate weeds on your lawn.

A GARDENING expert has revealed some tips on how to “control” weeds in your lawn. The approach will “get to work very, very quickly,” according to the plant expert.

Horticulturist Adam Pasco offered advice on how to get a “great-looking lawn.” A well-kept lawn is the ideal spot to unwind during the summer months. Lawns, on the other hand, are frequently plagued by weeds, moss, and bare areas.

To get rid of moss, Adam suggested collecting rubbish and any moss that had accumulated on the grass with a rake.

However, he stated in a 2015 video for B&Q that a rake will not eliminate moss or weeds on the lawn.

“You might wish to treat the lawn with a lawn care product,” Adam continued.

“We’ll utilize a three-in-one product,” says the narrator.

“It has a fertilizer, a moss killer, and a weed killer in it,” says the narrator.

One of Adam’s best pieces of advice is to first “mark out the area” where you’ll be using the product.

According to the gardening expert, he utilized bamboo canes that were a meter long.

“Most of the products have instructions on them that tell you how to handle a square yard or square metre,” he continued.

“We can see the region that has to be treated, and all we have to do now is make sure we don’t overdose and destroy the grass there.”

“After you’ve marked out the region, you can utilize the product.”

Adam advised wearing gloves because of the chemical nature of the product he used.

He also advised that you read the instructions carefully because only a small amount is required.

Verve Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer was the product Adam used.

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B&Q sells 14kg for £4 and can be used to cover 400 m2.

“I know a small amount is approximately all I need to treat a square metre of grass, so all I’m going to do is sprinkle this on very finely across the lawn surface,” Adam explained.

“Make an effort not to leave any clumps. Sprinkle it in one direction and then the other.

“Apply the product evenly all the way across the surface once more.

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