A gardening expert explains how to get rid of weeds from asphalt, but cautions that it will damage plants.


A gardening expert explains how to get rid of weeds from asphalt, but cautions that it will damage plants.

A GARDENING expert explains how to get rid of weeds in the cracks between concrete slabs. The gardening expert, however, cautioned that the procedure may “destroy any plant.”

Every gardener has a way for getting rid of weeds in their yard. It’s usually preferable to keep weeds under control before they grow out of hand, whether they’re perennial or annual. A gardening expert provided their suggestions for eliminating weeds in the garden in a 2012 YouTube video for Homebaseuk.

Stella Fear, a former Head Gardener at Holland Park in London, demonstrated how to get rid of the invasive plants in the video.

While most gardeners would advise against using a weed killer, the gardening expert claims it can be “helpful” in some situations.

“Most pros would advise against using pesticides to de-weed your garden,” they stated.

“It’s a good option for in-between pavement.

“However, keep in mind that it will kill any plant, so make sure you only use it on the weed.

“Pick a day when the weather is calm to avoid chemical drift.

“Your hard-to-reach features should be weed-free after this.”

Weeds grow in cracks, between tiles, and on patios all the time.

Sprinkle baking soda on weeds that grow between paving slabs and on patios, according to some gardeners.

The baking soda can then be swept into the crevices and the patio sprayed with water.

Boiling water, white vinegar, and salt are some of the other options.

After preparing pasta or boiling veggies, you can use the boiling water.

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White vinegar includes acetic acid, which kills plants and has a five percent acid concentration.

Pickling vinegar, which has a 7% acid concentration, can also be used.

A great weed killer remedy is white vinegar mixed with water, dish soap, and salt.

Weeds, particularly thistles, are easily killed by WD40.

Simply spray the weeds with the product and repeat as needed.

Weeds in between cracks can also be treated with undiluted bleach.

However, avoid splattering bleach on nearby plants because it may destroy them.

To get rid of weeds, some gardeners propose using a weed burner or a blow torch.

Using a flame eliminates the need for chemicals, making it more suitable for families with pets and children.


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