A former ‘American Idol’ contestant has joined a new reality show.


A former ‘American Idol’ contestant will star in a new reality show.

During her time on the reality singing competition show American Idol, Ada Vox won the hearts of millions of Americans.

By becoming the first drag queen contestant in the long-running reality series competition, Vox proved that talent wins.

Vox made it to the top eight.

San Antonio, where Vox grew up, is extremely proud of him.

Now, Vox is gearing up for another reality show in which she will compete for a major title and a large cash prize alongside other drag legends.

For the competition series Queen of the Universe, Vox has joined a cast of 14 other drag performers from all over the world.

The show will follow the contestants as they compete in a singing competition for a prize of (dollar)250,000 on Paramount(plus).

On Thursday, December 11th, the first season will be available to stream.

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In an Instagram post, Vox expressed his delight, writing, “Dec.

I’ll be singing into the stratosphere as I compete to be the @queenoftheuniverse! (hashtag)TeamAdaPerhaps it’s my time to be among the stars (hashtag)QueenOfTheUniverse

Ada Vox (@adavox) shared a post.

Vox isn’t the only contestant who has appeared on reality TV.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the cast also includes former contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race (All Stars 5 finalist Jujubee and The Switch’s Leona Winter) and The X-Factor (Gingzilla).

The new show is executive produced by RuPaul, the legendary drag queen.

Unlike other drag competition shows, Queen of the Universe is primarily concerned with the singing competition.

Every week, contestants will perform a variety of musical numbers in front of a live audience, showcasing their incredible vocals.

Who advances will be decided by the judges.

The judging panel includes Hollywood icon Vanessa Williams and singer Leona Lewis, as well as Drag Race panelist Michelle Visage and All Stars 3 champion Trixie Mattel.

Graham Norton, a British talk show host, will host the show.

“It’s a singing competition; no one is lip-syncing, and they’re all singing their own tunes,” Williams explained to EW. “We’ll be judging them not only on the quality of their talent and musicianship, but also on their star quality.”


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