A Crucial Crossover Moment Between Luke Skywalker And The High Republic Is Revealed In Star Wars.


A Crucial Crossover Moment Between Luke Skywalker And The High Republic Is Revealed By Star Wars.

The High Republic line is the first real project in the Star Wars franchise to exist outside of the Skywalker Saga’s canon, but that doesn’t mean the two eras of the franchise will never meet.

In fact, the most recent issue of the Star Wars Marvel Comics series revealed a pivotal moment during the Original Trilogy era, in which Luke Skywalker got to visit The High Republic (in a sense) and meet one of its heroes.

It was a fun crossover moment for Star Wars fans who read the comics and novels – one that could lead to a lot of exciting possibilities!


Luke Skywalker, in Star Wars (hashtag)20, follows a Holocron message from Yoda to the Living Sea of Gazian, a remote Jedi temple that the Empire has yet to discover.

Yoda’s words lead Luke to a planet covered in mushroom-like fungi, which promptly swallow Luke up.

Gaizan is revealed to be a living organism and a Vergence in the Force, but it also retains an “imprint” of all minds that come into contact with it.

Luke is transported into a vision in which he encounters none other than Elzar Mann, one of the main characters from Star Wars: The High Republic!

Luke’s discussion with Elzar is about whether or not he still believes in his decision to join the Jedi Order, a struggle Elzar is all too familiar with (see the current The High Republic novels).

Even after Elzar reassures Luke that The Jedi aren’t the only way to the light side of the Force, Luke leaves still feeling shaken.

Beyond the obvious fan-service of having the Star Wars Original Trilogy and the High Republic eras collide in a major way, this meeting between Luke Skywalker and Elzar Mann is crucial for several reasons:

Marvel Comics has released Star Wars (hashtag)20.


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