A couple transforms a dull property that hasn’t been renovated in 30 years into a colorful paradise, increasing its worth by £300,000.


A couple transforms a dull property that hasn’t been renovated in 30 years into a colorful paradise, increasing its worth by £300,000.

Dave and Reka Thornton knew their new home needed some work when they put an offer on it.

But it wasn’t until the couple moved into their four-bedroom property in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford, in 2014 that they realized the scope of the undertaking.

“The rooms were usable, but they were pretty antiquated,” Reka observed. “As soon as we moved in, it became clear that all of the rooms needed to be updated.” The mother of two continued, going through all the tasks that needed to be completed: “There was no light switch in the upstairs bathrooms, only a draw rope to pull, and all of the units were over 30 years old.

“The kitchen was beautiful at first, but we quickly saw it was missing drawers, and we knew it needed to be replaced.

“After we first saw the house, we thought the rest of it was in fine shape, but when we moved in, we discovered that the walls were filthy and had a lot of holes in them.””

BINGO FABULOUS: GET A £5 FREE BONUS WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A DEPOSIT The house’s interior hadn’t been altered in 30 years when the family moved in, and it took them seven years to transform it into their dream home.

Dave and Reka broke the project down into manageable chores by renovating a room once a year and tackling minor DIY projects in between the building work.

Their larger-scale modifications included converting the garage into an office and fifth bedroom, redesigning the kitchen, renovating the family bathroom, and completely overhauling the landscape.

After they were satisfied with the modifications, Reka, an interior designer, got to work.

The mother went on to say: “For a couple of years, we kept the decor similar to the original because we felt it would be easier that way.

“However, we quickly saw that color was required, so we began gradually injecting color. The more color we added, the happier we became with our home.” Reka chose for a pink motif in the living room, with a magenta velvet sofa, blush-colored walls, and similar-toned posters, replacing the dreary decor with color interiors.

With wacky wallpaper picturing dogs posing next to vases and flowers, the kitchen was given an equally jazzy makeover.

Reka even added a splash of color to the garden with a scattering of rainbow ornaments.

“I’d describe my style as a colorful-eclectic combination,” she remarked. Each area is colorful, but I prefer to connect them all together with one color to create a flow between them, and that color is pink.

“Aside from pink, which is my favorite color, I haven’t discovered a color that it doesn’t go with.”

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