A brilliant trick to laminate your brows at home for a fraction of the cost is shared by a woman.


A brilliant trick to laminate your brows at home for a fraction of the cost is shared by a woman.

LAMINATED BROWS are the latest social media beauty craze.

Most ladies have already scheduled an appointment with their brow lady for the procedure, but one TikTok user claims to have discovered a cheaper DIY alternative.

Zyah Belle, a TikTok user from the United States, described how she laminated her brows at home in a TikTok video that has over two million views.

“Wanted to get my brows laminated,” she says in the video.

“Instead of paying £55 ((dollar)75 for a professional to do it, my naive self went to the beauty supply and bought a kids perm for £5 ((dollar)6.98.”

In the video, Zyah uses a spoolie to apply the relaxer to her brows, then waits five minutes before wrapping her brows in plastic wrap. She does admit that she is just doing this because she has seen others do it.

She used the neutralizing shampoo that came with the box after letting it sit for five minutes and then condition them.

After five minutes, she removes the conditioner to reveal her newly laminated brows.

Brow laminating is lifting and straightening the brow hairs with a chemical solution, allowing them to move more freely so you can get your preferred brow shape.

After that, a brow-straightening solution and, if desired, a color are applied to keep the brow hairs straight.

Professionally applied laminated brows should last about six weeks.

People who saw the video were astounded by how effectively it worked, but some were concerned that it would irritate those with more delicate skin.

“She just saved herself a calm (dollar)70, that is a yes from me,” one person said.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” “You just saved me some coins!” commented another person. This is something I’m going to buy tomorrow.” “Now sis,” said a third user. You know I’m going to give it a shot right now.” Check out the make-up minis you’ll need to stay stunning all night for more beauty news.

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