A bridge too far for a game to re-name?


What, no teachers consulted or photographed to honour their contribution to school events (Heroes of 2020, 22-31 December)? All teachers are put at risk by increasing levels of coronavirus among students. Usage of PPE is restricted and masks in the classroom are not used.

My son, with a wife who suffers from asthma, is one of those unsung and exposed heroes. Mary HillLudlow, Shropshire- The panel compiling the list of honors refuses to delete the obsolete title “British Empire” from the scheme (New Year honors 2021: citizens awarded for response to pandemic crisis, Dec. 30). It reminds me of what the late, great Spike Milligan had to say on the subject, “I don’t see the point of making me the British Empire’s Commander. You might as well make me Milton Keynes’ Commander.”

Angus McGeochGoring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire- Now that we are all locked in for the near future, could we get the Great British Art Quiz back, which ran on your website from late March to mid-August? In this bleak winter, it would be a little ray of sunshine. Kate PotterOadby, Leicestershire- The article by Simon Tisdall highlights 12 key personalities who will affect world affairs in 2021 (


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