‘A Boy Called Christmas’ Review: A flawless take on the Christmas spirit dazzles thanks to great acting.


‘A Boy Called Christmas’ Review: A flawless take on the Christmas spirit dazzles thanks to great acting.

A young child discovers a map to Elfhelm, a remote realm. His adventure will undoubtedly be unforgettable, a tale that will be passed down through the years. With ‘A Boy Called Christmas,’ written and directed by Gil Kenan, Netflix is ready to greet the holiday season with a sure-to-be favorite across all age groups.

‘A Boy Called Christmas’ tells the narrative of how Father Christmas came to be, as well as the adventures that a young boy embarks on to find his father, who is on his own quest to uncover the village of Elfhelm. Henry Lawfull and Maggie Smith star in the key roles in this entertaining film.

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Because their father needs to work on Christmas Eve, three children are cared for by their Aunt Ruth (played by Maggie Smith). The children don’t like the woman and say she’s old and dull. In any event, she begins to tell the children a long story about Nikolas, a young boy.

Nikolas and his father, a lowly woodcutter, are just scraping by with their current lifestyle. The residents of the hamlet are starving, and when their King summons them, they express their entire range of grievances. The King commands that all of his subjects seek out hope and bring it back to the hamlet, adding that he can’t remember the last time he smiled.

Nikolas’ father accepts a job opportunity in exchange for a large sum of money without hesitation, leaving his selfish sister, Aunt Carlotta, to care for Nikolas, which quickly becomes a mess. The mouse he meets and names Miika, a Christmas hat his father gave him for keeps, and a turnip doll fashioned by his mother before she died are the only things that bring him joy. Nikolas eventually sets out in search of his father, knowing well well that he can’t take losing his sole parent.

Nikolas encounters the beautiful country of Elfhelm while riding his companion, Blitzen, the reindeer he rescued, on a search expedition for his father that turns into an adventure straight out of a storybook.

“It’s not about the goal, it’s about the journey,” a wise man (or woman) once said. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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