A big continuity issue in a pivotal Rick and Shane sequence has been discovered by fans of The Walking Dead.


A big continuity issue in a pivotal Rick and Shane sequence has been discovered by fans of The Walking Dead.

Fans of THE WALKING DEAD have discovered a major mistake from season two in a pivotal moment involving Rick and Shane.

AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror series follows a group of survivors as they adjust to life after the zombie apocalypse and fight walkers for survival. Back in season two, viewers of The Walking Dead noticed a big continuity issue in their path to survival.

The viewer revealed the significant goof on moviemistakes.com, writing: “At the crossroads, after Rick begins to walk away from Shane, Shane begins to relate the account of what happened with the outbreak.

“Rick pauses and looks off to his right, in the indistinct foreground, with Shane chatting behind him, looking to the camera’s left.”

“The viewpoint cuts to a view from behind Rick, and Rick’s head is immediately turned to his left, but also towards the left of the camera, but from this angle,” the fan continued.

Shane was positioned perfectly after the scene cut, but he should’ve been looking to the right, according to one astute observer.

This was a pivotal scene since Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) was finally able to talk about his experiences during the zombie apocalypse.

Shane and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) were traveling along a country road to Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) farm in the episode 18 miles.

Rick pulled over to the side of the road and confronted him, revealing that he knew the truth about Otis’s (Pruitt Taylor Vance) and Shane’s relationship with Lori.

Otis was Rick’s best buddy and had worked on the farm prior to the outbreak, and as a survivor, he felt bad over accidently shooting Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

He brought Shane to an abandoned school in an attempt to locate medical supplies, and there they found what they needed.

When they arrived, they discovered the area had been overrun by walkers, so Shane used flares to create a distraction so they could access the trailer with the supplies.

When the zombies became bored with the flares, the two were forced to run into the school.

When Otis discovered he couldn’t fit through the window like Shane, he became trapped.

They eventually reconnected outside, but both were too exhausted to continue running, despite the fact that walkers were still after them. Unfortunately, their pistols were depleted. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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