A 20-year-old student avoids university housing and saves £4.3k by staying in hotels.


A 20-year-old student avoids university housing and saves £4.3k by staying in hotels.

Tigerlily Taylor, 20, from Hertfordshire, realized she could save a lot of money if she just stayed in a hotel for a year instead of staying at her university.

After revealing that she saved money by staying in a hotel rather than at her university, a student has been dubbed a “genius.”

Tigerlily Taylor, 20, revealed her secret on TikTok, allowing her to save £4,300 in a year, according to WalesOnline.

Her video received over 48,700 likes and 677,300 views after she uploaded it to the video-sharing platform.

The young adult, who lives in Hertfordshire, is a University of Northampton student.

“On average, university accommodation costs £620 per month (that’s for a large ensuite room),” she told MoneySuperMarket.

“My hotel room costs around £35 per night, and I only stay once a week, so I spend an average of £140 per month.”

Tigerlily also revealed that she spent an extra £30 twice a week on commuting.

Tigerlily, who was dubbed a “genius” on TikTok, would spend £260 on her travels, resulting in a monthly savings of £360.

However, compared to living in university accommodation, she would save a staggering £4,320 over the course of a year.

Because many students are only required to attend university for a few days, staying in a hotel may be less expensive.

MoneySuperMarket also revealed how many university students in major cities could benefit from staying in hotels.

This was compared to new Unipol and NUS data on the average cost of university accommodation across the United Kingdom.

The information has been made public and is current as of December 10, 2021.

“When comparing the average cost of student accommodation to the average Travelodge prices, there are some savings to be had for those students who aren’t required to be physically present at their university campus every day,” said Jo Thornhill of MoneySuperMarket.

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