’90 Day Fiance’: Pedro Is Disappointed After Learning Chantel’s Salary.


90 Day Fiancé star Pedro Jimeno is admittedly disappointed to learn the reality awaiting him after wife Chantel Everett graduated nursing school. In Monday’s Season 3 premiere of The Family Chantel on TLC, Pedro was already picturing his new lifestyle now that Chantel graduated with her BSN when he got a reality check about what her salary would actually be.

While Pedro was imagining $75,000 a year for his wife, Chantel is quick to set him straight about where she’s more likely to fall as an “entry-level” employee. “Somehow I don’t think it’s as much as you’re thinking it’s going to be. For starting out, I think it’s below $50,000,” she explained to Pedro, adding that while she might be “at the bottom” for now, she was positive she could work her way “up to the top.”

“I think that what you thought was that when I graduate, you’d be home free,” she continued. “And that’s why you were so mad at me when I didn’t graduate on time.” Pedro, currently working at a warehouse, admitted he was looking forward to life being easier when he thought Chantel could even be making $85,000 a year and was disappointed to be set straight. Chantel, on the other hand, told her husband he needed to take his own career into his hands and go to school so they would both be able to contribute more money to their household.

Pedro admitted to the cameras that he’s nervous about his English when it comes to going back to school, as he is originally from the Dominican Republic and speaks Spanish as his first language. “She knows that I’m capable to do some more,” he shared in his confessional. “But one thing that’s holding me back, it’s like, I’m a little insecure about school. I feel a little bit like, not comfortable with myself with write English very good.” Pedro added he has been enjoying working in the warehouse: “You know, it’s like, you comfortable. Why you want to leave?” he asked. 

Pedro and Chantel seemed doomed after meeting while Chantel was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Appearing first on 90 Day Fiancé, the two had to combat their families’ negative opinions, physical fighting and suspicions all while making a life together in Atlanta and starring in their own spinoff. The Family Chantel  airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.


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