5 tips to keep ants out of your house this summer


5 tips to keep ants out of your house this summer

ANTS can penetrate structures at any time of year, however they are most active during the summer. This summer, here’s how to keep ants out of your house.

In the UK, there are more than 50 species of ant, and they tend to hibernate throughout the winter months. Ants emerge from their nests and migrate outside in search of food, water, and warmth when the weather warms. Because your home has all of these items, you’re undoubtedly witnessing an increase in the number of ants in your home. This website spoke with Hillarys.co.uk’s crew to learn how to prevent ants out of your home this summer.

Summer has here, and ant colonies have arrived as well.

With temperatures reaching as high as 27 degrees Celsius this week, you may have already noticed a swarm of ants swarming around your house.

Don’t worry, Hillarys has revealed the five measures to preventing ants from invading your home this summer.

Chalk, according to experts, is the most effective technique to keep ants out of your home.

“Chalk contains calcium carbonate, which confuses the scent that the ants are following,” Hillarys explained.

“Drawing chalk lines around an entryway should deter ants from entering.

“It’s not entirely clear why they won’t cross the border, but it appears to work.

“However, pesticide chalks should be avoided because they will kill the ants.”

Although we all enjoy the intense citrus flavor and aroma of lemons and oranges, ants despise it.

“There are various methods to utilize these fruits to keep the ants away,” Hillarys experts stated. “For example, you could position the peels where ants would ordinarily enter, or you could add some lemon juice or even form a paste using water and powdered peels when washing the floor.

“However, because ants adore sugar, keep anything sweet away from this sticky citrus blend.”

Spreading salt around any places where ants might enter and crawl back into will keep them out of your house.

“Cayenne pepper and black pepper are also disliked by ants,” according to the Hillarys team.

“Sprinkle pepper near the entry or mix a pepper and water solution and spray it near the trouble regions.

“It won’t kill the ants; it’ll merely keep them away.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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