5 Terrifying Films About Spying and Stalking That Will Make You Close Your Curtains


5 Terrifying Films About Spying and Stalking That Will Make You Close Your Curtains

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you? The dread of being observed is often at the heart of the most unsettling suspense thrillers. We’re offering five of the best horror movies about monitoring, spying, and stalking in honor of Halloween.

Alfred Hitchcock perfected the fear of being spied on.

The dread of surveillance is generally based on the sensation of being observed, listened to, or otherwise violated at private moments.

The 1954 thriller Rear Window, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, masters the opposite side.

The theme of the Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly film is the rabbit hole of surveillance — and the dread of realizing you’ve gone too far down it.

In a review, the late Roger Ebert described why the scary film is so compelling: the audience is caught “within his point of view,” much as Stewart’s photographer character is trapped in a wheelchair.

“We share his fascination when he spends his long days and nights shamelessly keeping a secret watch on his neighbors,” writes Ebert. “We all know it’s immoral to spy on others, but aren’t we all voyeurs when we go to the movies?” When he becomes certain that he witnessed a murder, however, he sees a little more than he can bear, and his world quickly spins out of control.

The film Rear Window is a great depiction of karma. Observing other people’s life can sometimes come at a high psychological cost.

‘The Conversation’ is a frightening film that examines the ramifications of electronic surveillance.

In a similar vein, Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Conversation modernized the notion for the time. In an invasive new era of monitoring, recording gadgets have replaced still cameras. Harry Caul, a surveillance expert, is played by Gene Hackman. It all goes wrong when a man is hired to follow an unaware couple around the city and capture a chat.

He becomes fixated on the taped chat. Furthermore, he comes to believe that someone is in danger.

The picture was brilliantly shot by Coppola, with paranoia infusing every scene. It’s the kind of unsettling excitement that makes you scan a space for probable recording devices on a regular basis.

Even solely for the iconic last moment, it’s worth viewing.

In ‘I See You,’ horrifying in-home stalkers are featured.

Helen Hunt most recently starred in I See You (2019), a frightening film about blissfully naive lives.

As he unravels a serial child abduction case, Jon Tenney’s character, the lead detective, experiences disruptions in his home and family… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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