5 excellent ideas to beat the heat today: how to cool a room without air conditioning


5 excellent ideas to beat the heat today: how to cool a room without air conditioning

TEMPERATURES IN THE UK ARE EXPECTED TO REACH 30°C TODAY, and Brits are already finding it difficult to sleep in the heat. Here are five ways to keep a room cool without turning on the air conditioner.

Because air conditioning is expensive to install and we only use it for a few months of the year, it isn’t prevalent in UK homes. Installing air conditioning costs roughly £1,000 per unit, so you’d have to spend thousands of pounds to outfit a full property, not to mention the ongoing costs. Thankfully, there are alternatives to air conditioning for cooling a space in the heat. This website spoke with Stelrad’s temperature experts to learn the five most important strategies to keeping your home as cool as possible.

With a bowl of ice, you can boost the power of any fan, no matter how inexpensive it is.

“Simply place a bowl bucket or even Tupperware filled with ice water straight in front of a fan,” Stelrad experts said.

“Alternatively, a damp flannel or a little damp towel draped over a fan will suffice.”

This hack works because as the ice melts, the cool air from the ice’s surface is picked up by the breeze from the fan.

A cold wind will be created by combining the melting ice or wet flannel with the fan, much like an air conditioner.

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It may be tempting to let the sunlight into your room throughout the day, but resist!

“On a beautiful sunny day, it’s normal to want to see the sun and have it shining in through your windows,” the experts stated.

“However, doing so will heat up your surrounds in a greenhouse-like manner!”

Until the sun sets, keep your blinds and drapes closed.

You might be tempted to open the windows to allow fresh air into the room and cool it down, but this assumption is flawed.

Close the windows during the day and open them only when the temperature decreases in the evening.

“Windows should be kept closed when the day is at its hottest, but they can be opened once the heat begins to drop to let in the cool evening breeze,” the experts added.

“Temperatures drop significantly at night, so if it is safe to do so, open a window in the evening to keep cool.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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