4 stuff about “The O.C.” that make absolutely no sense.


Back to California and The O.C., Fox’s iconic early 2000s teen drama. The show followed the lives of Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) and freshman Ryan Atwood from Newport Beach from 2003 to 2007 (Ben McKenzie). There were parts of the series that simply didn’t make sense, in addition to the over-the-top parties and controversies.

In a pool house, Ryan Atwood stays

‘The O.C.’ maker of characters Josh Schwartz wishes he would have kept them longer.

He had a soft spot for him when, in the pilot episode, Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) first met Ryan as his public defender. So much so that Ryan, his wife Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan) and their son Seth were taken home to live with him.

Ryan knew that he was not living with an ordinary family when he drove in Sandy’s luxury car and saw his mansion in a gated community. Ryan stayed in the pool house until he became a more permanent resident at the Cohen home.

Why didn’t he stay with Sandy, Kirsten and Seth in the main house when they had that room? Fans would never know – maybe the production team tried to distinguish between the bedrooms of Ryan and Seth – but it just didn’t make sense.

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Even though he’s barely studied at all, Seth holds good grades

As Ryan was about to register with Seth at Harbor, viewers learned some knowledge about Seth’s course load. He made a statement about all advanced courses being taken and not getting a life.

But then he and Ryan become friends and Seth possibly doesn’t spend as much time learning. He sits at his desk and studies in a couple of scenes, but Seth has retained his excellent grade point average most of the time without studying much.

In later seasons, Seth’s school success was challenged, but before that, while spending more and more time with Ryan, Marissa, Summer and the rest, he seemed to keep his grades up.

Season 3 producer of “The O.C.”: “Everything the show mocked, it kind of became something like that.”

As social chair, Marissa Cooper does not do much.

Another little aspect that made little sense was the responsibilities of Marissa as the chair of the social committee of her school. Her job was to schedule the events of the day, but to get it ready, she never showed up at school early. It was also not normal for her to remain late.

On multiple occasions, the O.C. addressed the role of Marissa as social chair, but she did not do anything for a character who was responsible for some very time-consuming activities. Granted, with decorations, she had some support from the production team of the show.

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Via Charlotte Morgan, Kirsten Cohen gets betrayed

Kirsten and her enigmatic friend from rehab, Charlotte Morgan, were one of the bigger stories that just didn’t make sense on “The OC” (Jeri Ryan).

When the series concentrated more on adults than teenagers, it marked a shift.

And Fox pressed to introduce a new character, as The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz told Vulture in 2013.

“There was a real consensus at the network that we should make the show broader and more appealing by strengthening the kind of adult soap part of the show,” he said.

Thus came Charlotte’s appearance and the plot featuring her and Kirsten.

At the time, the Desperate Housewives of ABC had become a success and Fox “really wanted us to bring a Nicollette Sheridan-type character to the show,” Schwartz added.

Seasons 1 – 4 of The O.C. was streaming on HBO Max at press time.

The maker of “The O.C.” “hated” the audition by Adam Brody for Seth Cohen’s role.


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