4 reliable tricks for removing a stripped screw that you should try right now.


4 reliable tricks for removing a stripped screw that you should try right now.

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to remove a screw only to discover it’s stripped to the point where your screwdriver won’t budge it – but don’t worry, we’ve got four simple tricks for you to try.

Over the last year, DIY has grown in popularity. Many Britons are trapped in a rut as a result of the continuous lockdowns, so some have turned to home modifications to pass the time. Don’t fret if you underestimated your DIY abilities; here’s how to get rid of those bothersome stripped screws.

If you’ve tried and failed to remove a screw several times, the indents on the head may have worn away.

When this happens, removing the screw becomes even more difficult because your screwdriver or drill has nothing to grab onto.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a sophisticated, albeit inexpensive, screw extractor on hand; there are other options.

However, if you have a screw extractor on hand, you should use it first.

They come in a variety of sizes, so the proper one should be able to extract screws of any diameter.

There are plenty of different techniques to get rid of annoying stripped screws if your toolbox is a little on the tiny side.

If the indents on your screw drills and screwdrivers have worn away, they are unlikely to work.

Simply grasp the head of the screw with your pliers.

Then start rotating the screw out; even if you can only get a hold of the top rim of the screw’s head, this procedure might work.

Due to the lack of grip that conventional tools may obtain, stripped screws are extremely difficult to remove.

Steel wool is one approach to try to grab the head of your bored-out screw.

Simply place some steel wool between the head of your screw and your screwdriver and rotate as usual.

Another approach to improve grip is to make deeper indents in the screw head. This will help your screwdriver or drill to grab the screw head.

To make these indents, place a regular screwdriver on top of the screw and smash the bottom of it forcefully.

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