4 months later, Damian Lewis puts on a brave face at an event honoring his late wife Helen McCrory.


4 months later, Damian Lewis puts on a brave face at an event honoring his late wife Helen McCrory.

At a performance in honor of his late wife Helen McCrory, DAMIAN LEWIS put on a brave face.

Damian Lewis attended a performance by the Sir Hubert Von Herkomer Arts Foundation Friday afternoon in honor of his late wife Helen McCrory, who was a supporter of the organization. Following their performance in A Brave New World, the actor smiled as he posed for photos with the young stars of the production.

Damian, 50, confirmed Helen’s death at the age of 52 on April 16.

He said that the Peaky Blinders star had lost her “heroic” cancer battle.

The English actor, who is currently appearing in the Sky TV series Billions, was dapper for his red carpet return, which honored his late spouse’s achievements.

He wore a stylish blue jacket with grey slacks and a white T-shirt.

Debbi Clark, the CEO and creator of HVH Arts, was photographed with Damian.

In an online homage to Helen, she called her a “friend and hero.”

“The dazzling light of my friend and idol Helen McCrory will live on forever in the work we do,” she wrote on the foundation’s website.

“Today, we will be strong and strive with all our effort to smile, but we will smile because Helen McCrory smiled, gave, and lived life to the fullest.”

Helen had been a patron of the organization since 2013, having acted in the Harry Potter films and the James Bond blockbuster Skyfall, to mention a few.

“A force of nature, enthusiastic, dedicated to the arts and culture,” Debbi said of the actress.

In her honor, an award helping poor young people in the arts has been established.

The McCrory Award will be presented on an annual basis.


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Damian returned to work in July after spending several months helping his two children cope with their mother’s death.

Manon, 14, and Gulliver, 13, are the couple’s children, who were married in 2007.

The actor was spotted on the set of Billions, which is slated to return to television next week.

Season 5 will consist of five additional episodes.

Damian resorted to social media after Helen’s death. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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