4 months after his hospital dash, Eamonn Holmes says he’s still on crutches.


4 months after his hospital dash, Eamonn Holmes says he’s still on crutches.

Four months after going to the hospital to find out what was causing his persistent agony, EAMONN HOLMES is still on crutches.

Eamonn Holmes, the anchor of This Morning, has disclosed that he still uses crutches and carries them around with him. While responding to a Twitter follower, the 61-year-old host made his admission.

People always declare they are “fine” when they run into an acquaintance, according to a social media post, even though they are clearly not.

Even though he has been using crutches for several months, the father-of-four confessed that he has found himself doing the same thing.

“Someone in the Doctor’s waiting room sees an acquaintance,” the tweet read.

“1. How are you doing today?

“2. Thank you so much. Are you all right?

“3. Yes, thank you very much.

“I’m waiting in the doctor’s office [Flushed face emoji].” “Why do we do that?” says the narrator.

Eamonn replied with a smiley face emoji, “I’ve been on crutches for 4 months and I say the same.”

“It’s the same for me, Eamonn. Spinal surgery is a procedure that is performed on the spine. Crutches. Another user added, “Exactly the same.”

“I was on crutches for seven years and still stated the same thing,” a second person explained. “It’s because people ask the question but don’t want an honest answer,” a third person added.

“‘How are you?’ is a greeting, not a question…” added a third, who agreed.

Eamonn shared a photo from the weekend on Instagram, which showed him using his crutch.

During a visit to Woburn Safari Park, he was photographed with a zoo keeper and a herd of elephants.

“I got my workout today by walking with elephants,” says Darren, a Zoo keeper friend.

He told his 742,000 Instagram followers that it was a “magical experience.”

The ITV star was dressed casually in navy blue and leaned on a bright red crutch in the photo.

Cool Crutches, the creator of his walking device, responded in the comments section of the page, “So delighted you appreciate the crutch.”

“It’s more than [thumbs up].” Eamonn said, “They accompany me everywhere.”

“I love how comfy the grips are. “They don’t make a clicky noise, and best of all, they’re in United colors,” he continued.

“You’re looking great, Eamonn…

I’m looking forward to seeing you and Ruth tomorrow morning for some more craic and banter! Nobody else compares to you two!” In the post’s comments section, one fan gushed.

Ruth Langsford, Eamonn’s wife. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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