4 basic tips for killing maggots in a bin.


4 basic tips for killing maggots in a bin.

HOT WEATHER brings an inflow of nasty crawlies, such as flies, who can lay their eggs in bins. How can you get rid of maggots in a bin, though?

The United Kingdom has been sweltering in a heatwave, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius in recent days. High humidity and rising temperatures can result in unwelcome byproducts such as your garbage bin smelling and attracting flies.

Don’t be shocked if you open your bin and see maggots wiggling around.

When flies are drawn to food or other garbage, they are more likely to lay their eggs.

These eggs grow into stomach-churning maggots, which can subsequently spread throughout your garbage bin.

This can happen to both outside wheelie bins and within your kitchen garbage, but there are ways to get rid of the creepy crawlies.

If you detect maggots in your bin, make sure to get rid of any trash first before attacking the bin.

To kill maggots instantly, pour boiling water over them.

You can also clean the area with a cup of bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Adding salt to your bin will not only keep flies and maggots away, but it will also kill them.

A thick layer of table salt sprinkled over the maggots will kill them, so make sure you use a lot of it.

Flies will not lay their eggs in your bin if it is kept as clean and fresh smelling as possible.

Clean with white vinegar or vodka, which are natural fly repellents.

Double-bag your food trash and make an effort to clean your bin after each emptying.

Permethrin is a major maggot killer that can be purchased in spray form or made at home.

Combine four parts boiling water and one part permethrin dog shampoo in a mixing bowl.

Then pour the mixture over any maggots slowly.

When using permethrin, make sure you wear gloves because getting it in your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth might cause irritation.

Permethrin is toxic to cats and fish, therefore if you have pets, you should use a different approach.

After you’ve removed any maggots, you’ll need to know how to keep flies away from your garbage so that no more are laid.

When your bin bags are full, try to take them outside as quickly as possible, and don’t overfill them. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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