3 unexpected cleaning tips to keep your mirrors streak-free


3 unexpected cleaning tips to keep your mirrors streak-free

CLEANING MIRRORS can be a pain, and you’re likely to end up with unsightly streaks. Here are three tips for keeping your mirrors streak-free and shining.

Fingerprints, makeup stains, and dust may easily contaminate mirrors. It might be aggravating to clean these up only to discover that all of your hard work has been undone by soapy streaks on your mirror. Here are three unexpected techniques to get rid of streaky mirrors.

Everyone has tried the tried-and-true kitchen roll and soap method, but the results are almost always streaky.

The traditional cloth and spray approach is effective.

There are, however, various ways to deal with dirty mirrors.

This website has created a list of three helpful ideas for removing stubborn marks from streaky mirrors.

When kitchen roll just won’t cut it, try this time-honored trick.

Combine half water and half vinegar in a solution and soak old newspapers in it.

To make your dirty mirrors sparkle, wipe them with damp newspaper.

You can add even more luster to the mirror by rubbing it with a clean dry-erase or blackboard eraser.

Tea has even been hailed as a miraculous mirror cleaner, which may sound unusual at first.

Fill an empty bottle with strong cold tea using a clean kitchen sprayer.

Spray the tea on the mirrors and wipe it clean with a dry towel.

If you don’t have an empty sprayer on hand, use a clean towel to dab on the tea.

This should get rid of all the smudges and stains.

This method also works on windows that are only slightly filthy.

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in your home, this is an excellent technique to employ.

This strategy may be ideal for you if you’ve ran out of window cleaner.

A few pantry staples are all that’s required to make this magic cleaning solution.

Combine one to two teaspoons dishwashing liquid, four tablespoons lemon juice, and half a cup white vinegar in a mixing bowl.

Combine these ingredients in a bucket of warm water and soak a clean towel in it.

To erase a build-up of dirty stains on your mirrors, wipe them down.

Make sure not to add too much washing up liquid to this mixture, since this could result in the dreaded streaks.


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