27 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes That Are All Too Real.


27 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes That Are a Little Too Real.

Many people are getting together for the first time in a long time to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2021, after spending their 2020 Turkey Days alone or in awkward virtual Zoom gatherings.

We figured that there would be no better way to commemorate the holiday than with some hilarious (and festive) memes as people prepare to navigate their sometimes-complicated family dynamics once again.

If you’re in a pinch, we’ve got plenty of Thanksgiving jokes to help lighten the mood.

Celebrate Thanksgiving the right way this year with a few memes to share on social media that perfectly capture the spirit of the holiday.

Oh, the Thanksgiving clapback meme is back, and it’s still hilarious.

We don’t recommend using any of these in real life, but they are unquestionably a holiday highlight.

We get it, Santa is cool… but does he deliver sweet potato casserole?

Follow the instructions on this meme to scare your mother, then post the results on social media.

It’s possible you’ll go viral.

You can relate to this meme even if you’re not a doctor, lawyer, or accountant.

Even if she’s “living life” right now in a very public relationship with Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian has the right idea (even if she’s “living life” right now in a very public relationship with Travis Barker).

We’ve all got that one cousin who knows who they are.

When it comes to cousins,

Loungewear sets, Zoom parties, and sanitizing your groceries are all things that have come and gone, but will never be forgotten.

If a family member becomes overly personal this year, channel your inner Kevin Durant.

You could also bring a sugar daddy home and solve the “did you find someone?” conundrum.

Gravy, in a nutshell.

Aunt Karen, pass the sweet potato casserole and pipe down.

The days until Turkey Day are ticking away for us.

It’s fine to be selfish with the leftovers this Thanksgiving.

We’ve all had our fill of adversity.

At my Thanksgiving table, there will be no Christmas music allowed.

Wait until the return trip in the car.

When you’ve skipped breakfast and have been waiting for hours for your meal, there’s no time to blow on it.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have a term for “fat-free.”

All of the food is up for grabs on Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Mom.

It’s not as simple (or as enjoyable) as it seems to host Thanksgiving.

Actually, it doesn’t seem to be the case…

Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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