10 TikTok home hacks to avoid at all costs


10 TikTok home hacks to avoid at all costs

TIKTOK is a paradise for clean freaks and DIY geeks, not just for teens miming to songs and doing dance routines. You should not, however, believe everything you see on TikTok! Here are ten TikTok hacks you should avoid at all costs.

While TikTok has become one of the most popular social media sites for sharing house hacks, some of these suggestions may be more harmful than beneficial.

MattressNextDay spoke with this website to learn about the 10 TikTok home hacks that could harm or devalue your home.

Painting your sink may appear to be a wonderful idea, but it is more than likely to go wrong, requiring you to replace it totally.

“While painting your sink has been a popular TikTok tip, this should only ever be done by a professional since attempting a DIY job might result in your sink becoming permanently damaged and needing to be replaced (which costs an average of £562),” the experts at MattressNextDay said.

Mixing cleaning solutions may appear to increase cleaning power, but this might result in chemical burns.

“Mixing bleach with alcohol or even vinegar and lemon juice might induce chemical burns,” the experts stated.

Painted floor tiles may appear to be a cost-effective option to update the style of your kitchen or bathroom, but DON’T!

If you do this, your tiles will become uneven and perhaps dangerous to your health.

“While painted floor tiles may appear attractive, the paint is frequently not durable enough to withstand the natural wear and tear that occurs when they are walked on,” the experts explained.

“Moreover, painting your tiles may result in chips, which can not only be a health problem because people may trip over them, but it may also necessitate the replacement of the entire floor.”

Laundry stripping is a process for removing stubborn filth from bedding that involves soaking it in Borax, Arm and Hammer baking soda, and laundry powder.

The hack, however, isn’t as handy as you may imagine.

“These harsh chemicals can really cause permanent dye loss on your linens and make them harder,” the experts added.

Painting your kitchen worktops is also a no-no since it might introduce bacteria into your food.

“A lot of worktops are constructed of laminate, which means the paint won’t bind to the surface because it’s supposed to be impervious,” the MattressNextDay specialists explained.

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