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Save us all from Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

Enough is enough. We, the sane, can see what’s coming as Johnson and Hunt rush us all lemming-like to the edge of national disaster, in pursuit of their ever more dangerous and deeply unappealing delusions and profligate spending. A minuscule number of electors from the Conservative party can choose the most threatening of futures for us all, while their views on many crucial issues are, according to polls, the antithesis to those of the majority.

All MPs should now fulfil their most important responsibility as parliamentarians and do what is best for the country as a whole in passing an immediate vote of no confidence in either man, or their government, whether or not the winner deigns to appear before them in the Commons after 23 July and before the recess on 25 July. The rest of us should take to the streets in the largest mass turnout ever, now we can measure the true cost of this Brexit (not the many versions good people will have dreamed of or voted for). This might impress on Theresa May, as she searches for someone with enough support to form a government, to present to the Queen, how little national support either of these men have in their current state of frenzied egotistical insanity.
Anna Ford

A referendum on a leave option versus remain is not “asking a question already posed and answered by the electorate in 2016” (Letters, 10 July). The outcome of the referendum is quite consistent with minority support for all the leave options (no deal, May’s deal, customs alignment). This is because those responding in the referendum would tend to think of their preferred outcome when responding. The referendum result justifies investigation of the alternative modes of leaving, but it would be undemocratic to implement any one of these in the absence of clear evidence of majority support.
Robert East
Emeritus professor of consumer behaviour, London


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