Go to the furthest north, south, east, and west factors on the island – Fortnite problem information and map

Fortnite’s second week of season 8 challenges has arrived and while most of them are simple, there’s one that might be a little harder to figure out: Visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points on the island.

While you could figure this out with a little research on the map, it’s a whole lot easier if we just show you. So, here’s a map with all four locations — north of Junk Junction, west of Snobby Shores, east of Lonely Lodge, and south of Lucky Landing — that you’ll need to visit for this challenge.

Because these points are so far away from each other, by design, it’s unlikely you’d be able to get to each one in a single match. In fact, it wouldn’t be easy to even reach two of these in one match. The one exception be the north and west points, which are a little closer together than the others. Other than that, the easiest way to complete this challenge is to load into four different matches and land at a new point to start each match.