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Bloodstained guide: Underground Sorcery Lab map

Underground Sorcery Lab in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the area at the other end of Bridge of Evil’s train ride. It’s a dead end, so you’re really only here to fight the area’s boss and pick up a new ability.

Underground Sorcery Lab only connects to Bridge of Evil.


Below, we’ve included a complete map of Underground Sorcery Lab with a few notes about the area.

Your only goal in Underground Sorcery Lab is to find and defeat Bathin. You’ll get the Reflector Ray Shard ability once he’s dead, which will open many new pathways in other areas of the castle.

Since this is a dead end and you probably won’t be back here, make sure you find both destructible walls on this visit. There is a Max HP Up and a Max MP Up to find, along with a necklace and a Shortcut Shard.

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