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Bloodstained guide: How to drain the blood fountain

Gaining new Shard abilities in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will open up new areas and new paths to explore. An ability that you get about halfway through the game, Blood Steal, will open a new path out of Entrance, an area you discover much earlier.

Below, we’ll tell you where to find Blood Steal and how to use it to drain the blood fountain in Entrance.


To get the Blood Steal ability, you’ll need to defeat Bloodless in Dian Cecht Cathedral. It’s a lot of work to get to this point. You won’t be able to fight her until after you reach the Hall of Termination and return to Dian Cecht Cathedral.

Defeat the vampire Bloodless, and she’ll drop the Blood Steal Shard.

Once you have the Blood Steal Shard ability, head to the blood-filled fountain in Entrance. Equip your new ability, then use it while standing in the fountain. The blood will disappear, and you’ll open a new path into to Forbidden Underground Waterway.

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