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Bloodstained area order guide

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night requires a lot of running back and forth across the world. Each new ability you get unlocks new pathways to new areas and new abilities. It can get confusing to know which way you need to go next — especially to get to the game’s true ending.

This guide will walk you through the order for tackling the game’s areas. We’ve broken it down by the abilities or items you get in each.


To begin, let’s start at the opening of the game and get your first couple Shard abilities.

The next obstacle is getting the Passplate so you can access the Bridge of Evil.

The Reflector Ray ability will open up several new areas of the map.

For the next section, you’ll need to pick up a couple of water-based abilities to explore deeper underground.

Now that you can move more freely underwater, keep exploring Forbidden Underground Waterway.

With Invert and the Aegis Plate, you can finally reach the remaining areas in Entrance.

Now you can get the second bad ending, or open a new path to the true ending.

The final areas are only unlocked when you’ve reached this point along the true ending’s path.

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