We believe that the press release has evolved. Brinkwire is a news hub for blogs, online communities, content affiliates, publishers and members of the connected internet who are interested in commercial news.

Brinkwire charges PR agencies, marketing agencies and in-house communication teams to upload their news to our hub. Once the press release is live we reward the ones the community found the most interested by showing them more often throughout the site.

Brinkwire is also an online entertainment and culture magazine. Established in 2015, the magazine is currently based in UK, and covers music, film, television, sports and culture, technology and science. Our writers are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Being published

Only those news releases which meet editorial guidelines ever appear at Brinkwire. Live articles are tagged three times (by the contributor, you) and then distributed to subscribers via RSS feeds for those tags. In addition, RSS feeds are created for each and every freehand search so content consumers such as affiliates or news blogs can subscribe directly to topics that interest them.

Brinkwire encourages blogger and social media engagement in a number of ways;

  • We use content discovery and sharing widgets to match our content to blog posts. For example; Outbrain’s widget means news releases that appear on Brinkwire may also appear on blog posts from leading bloggers.
  • We use blog creation widgets to encourage bloggers to develop the story. For example; Zemanta’s reblog button automatically plugs the post into Zemanta’s enhanced blog editor.
  • We reward the blogs who cite Brinkwire the most successfully by providing a link list of the top five referring blogs.
  • We use content sharing tools. For example; we use the AddThis button to encourage content citation.
  • All content is also published via Twitter and the Brinkwire Twitter account.

Working with the web savvy

We know that role of press releases have changed and that companies need their PR to work harder than ever before to be successful.

  • Brinkwire allows publishers to embed YouTube videos.
  • Brinkwire allows publishers to embed their own Google Analytics code so that they can see every dime and detail of the traffic the release on the site (although the tracking code never leaves the site and never appears on other sites).
  • Brinkwire allows publishers to set an embargo time so that news releases can be approved ahead of time and go live exactly when they need to.
  • The Brinkwire system allows PR agencies to operate many different company profiles with just one account. This means a single monthly subscription will allow a PR agency to service all of their clients.