Third of millennials admit they would be lost on…

Millennials would be lost on holiday without their phone, according to a survey.

Some 36% of 20 to 29-year-olds admitted to relying on their handsets for directions abroad, while only 7% of over 60s said they needed one on their travels.

The study, which was conducted with 13,000 adults, showed that over a quarter (28%) of millennials would not know how to travel from the airport to their accommodation without their smartphones, compared with only 5% of baby boomers.

“As technology continues to help keep the world connected, it is no surprise that so many young people rely on their mobile phone to check-in to flights and navigate their chosen destination,” said boss Robert McNamara.

In the UK, the results suggest that men are slightly more dependent on their phones abroad than women, at 23% versus 18%.

Taking photos came out as the top reason for Britons wanting to take their phones abroad, followed by getting around their destination, using a digital boarding pass, translating words into English and travel between the airport and accommodation.


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