Woman sues hospital and X-ray technician for ‘warning her rapist she’d reported him’

A woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted is suing a Missouri hospital claiming an X-ray technician accessed her medical records where she described the alleged attack then contacted the man she said did it to warn him. 

The alleged victim, who DailyMail.com is not naming, filed a lawsuit last week against X-Ray technician Janet Enzbrenner and the hospital she used to work for, Atchison Hospital in Atchison near Kansas City in Missouri alleging breach of privacy and mistreatment. 

She says that in May 2017, she went to the hospital after being raped by an unnamed assailant. 

After she reported what happened, she claims Enzbrenner looked up her records then harvested information from them, including her description of the alleged attack. 

She then allegedly contacted the man described to tell him what the woman had said.

It is unclear what the man’s relationship was to either Enzbrenner or the woman who claims he raped her. 

But not long afterwards, the alleged victim said she started receiving abusive and threatening text messages from him. 

‘Such communications were highly threatening and contained graphic language ad pornographic content. 

‘The assailant also stalked Plaintiff in public and at her home,’ the lawsuit, which DailyMail.com has obtained, reads. 

She claims he bombarded her on social media and started stalking her over rape claims. 

In November 2017, after discovering how he learned about her trip to the hospital, the woman returned to it to report Enzbrenner. 

She was fired and the hospital sent a letter to the woman apologizing but it then, she claims, wrote Enzbrenner a recommendation for work at a different facility. 

The woman says that around the same time, the rapist attacked her a second time. 

She is suing the hospital and Enzbrenner for at least $75,000. 

The Atchison District Attorney’s Office said that it investigated the woman’s claims but decided not to press charges against the man. 

It did not elaborate on why it came to that decision when contacted by DailyMail.com.  

The hospital’s spokesman told DailyMail.com on Monday: ‘Patient confidentiality at Atchison Hospital and our ability to protect personal information is a top priority of ours.

‘While we are limited with what we can share related to this situation, we are deeply disturbed by the actions of this former employee. In fact, when we were made aware of this situation, we took immediate steps to investigate and within two days, we terminated this individual’s employment.

‘In addition, we reviewed this specific situation to understand what could be done differently in the future and as a result, immediately implemented changes to our internal controls, including even stricter accessibility requirements to our Health Information Management (HMI) department. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide a safe and caring environment for our patients, and paramount to that is confidentiality and privacy around personal medical information.’


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