Woman finds time capsule wallet at park 40 YEARS after it went missing

A search for the mystery owner of a wallet is underway after it was discovered in a park, 40 years after it went missing. 

Rachel Pollard, from Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales north coast, was celebrating Mother’s Day at Boronia Park with her family when she noticed her children carrying what she described as a ‘disgusting-looking thing’ they had picked up off the ground. 

The mum’s first instinct was to throw it away but she paused upon closer inspection, realising her kids had found somebody’s wallet.    

‘I’m thinking, “oh God, what have they picked up?” We were going to put it in the bin and then we thought, “oh, it’s a wallet. We better check it, obviously hoping to find millions””, she told Coff’s Coast’s Hit 105.5 on Tuesday. 

‘These scraps of really perished paper came out and while we were looking at them, there were really old, weathered ID documents with some beautiful photos of this lady, Jennifer Sinclair’. 

Fascinating photos show most of the contents were still intact, giving an incredible snapshot of life back in the 1980s.

The wallet contained a bookshop card from a university in St Lucia, Brisbane, a card for StereoFM 104, now known as Triple M Brisbane radio station, an old key card and a vintage Commonwealth Bank card with an old-school logo. 

But perhaps the most astonishing find, was the 1980 ID card of Ms Sinclair, where she is pictured at age 18. 

The withered card indicates the mystery owner is from, or once lived in, Brisbane, and will turn 58 this year.

Ms Pollard, who works as a celebrant in New South Wales, has since issued an appeal on social media to track down the owner and has already received hundreds of reactions from strangers curious to find Ms Sinclair. 

‘Jennifer Sinclair – your nearly 40yo wallet complete with bank card, library card and photo ID has been unsurfaced in Sawtell by some intrepid adventurer children. Possibly from Brisbane – D.O.B available on request. Go internet, find Jennifer!’ she said in a Facebook post.    

‘Hint – you’re turning 58 this year and you were a total babe when you were 18’, she added. 

The post has been shared 146 times and has generated dozens of comments from users suggesting possible theories of who the woman could be and just how the wallet ended up at the park.

However, some theories were more sinister than others.

‘Recently [read in the] paper about that murderer from SAWTELL that killed all them women in America !! Seriously get onto cops and even A Current Affair,’ one woman suggested. 

Ms Pollard said she did not initially think to report her findings to the police since the wallet did not contain any items of value, but will consider handing it in in hopes of tracking down the owner.


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