Two scooter riders are buried in sand after a truck overturned trying to avoid them

One scooter rider was killed and another was injured after they were buried in a large pile of sand poured down from a lorry last week in China.

The two scooter riders had been travelling in two different directions before colliding at a junction in the county of Wangjiang in Anhui Province.  

The lorry lost control and overturned while trying to avoid the pair, causing the sand at its back to fall. 

The fatal accident took place just before noon on May 7 in Gulu Village, Yatan Town, reported BJ News.

CCTV footage shows the two scooter bumping each other at a small junction despite the fact that both road users appear to be driving slowly.

Their scooters hit lightly into one another, and both fall off their vehicles onto the road just as the fully loaded tipper lorry approaches.

The lorry driver swerves to the left in a bid to avoid the two fallen riders, but the vehicle loses balance and overturns, crushing one rider and burying both in sand.

Footage taken in the aftermath shows local villagers and police digging through the sand for the crushed victim, while the other rider appears to be unconscious from shock.

An official from the village told BJ News that both riders were female and local residents. One of them was killed and the other was injured, the official said.

The injured woman is said to be in a stable condition.

Police are still investigating the case.

Electric scooters are one of the most popular vehicles among Chinese people. They are also a leading cause of death on the road.

In the past five years, 18,000 people have been killed and 186,000 have been injured in more than 830,000 ‘low speed’ traffic accidents caused by electric scooters in China, according to an official report.

The number of accidents and deaths caused by scooters are both increasing.


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