Shocking video shows the moment a student snatches a wig from teacher’s head in class

A video recorded inside a classroom at an Alabama high school shows the moment a teenager pulls a wig off of his substitute teacher’s head. 

The incident reportedly happened at the LeFlore High School in Mobile, Alabama, in March. 

In the video, the unidentified teacher is telling a boy to go back to his seat and sit down.  

It’s unclear what the teen says in response, but whatever he said, it prompted the teacher to turn around and walk to her desk. 

That’s when the teen followed her and ripped her wig from her head while her back was turned. He then paraded around the classroom as the other students laughed and recorded.

The teen even stopped to do a dance move before the teacher came over demanding her wig back. 

But the boy continued to wave it around and dodge the teacher, who moved a desk in an attempt to get to him. 

‘Oh sh*t!’ one student is heard yelling as the boy heads toward the door and runs down the hallway. 

It’s likely the boy faced some type of in-school or at-home suspension following the incident.  


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