Shocking moment a road rage driver throws a wrench at another motorist shattering their window


A man has been accused of throwing a metal wrench from his car and breaking another driver’s window in Lake Elsinore, California, east of Los Angeles.

Keith Lewis, 45, was arrested on Monday after being identified as the suspect responsible after the alleged road rage incident was caught on camera.

Deputies were fortunate enough to be able to review video of the alleged road rage incident.  

Authorities said the victim saw two vehicles, a red vehicle and a black Toyota Corolla involved in a ‘cat and mouse’ game, passing each other and then rapidly applying their brakes.

When the victim reached the intersection, the driver of the black Toyota approached from behind and pulled alongside her. 

Video then shows a man pulling up to the victim’s vehicle before rolling down his window and shouting obscenities.

He then threw a metal object at the car as the victim was recording everything with her cellphone according to ABC7.  

The suspect fled the scene after the victims window completely shattered. 

Incredibly, the female driver was not injured in the incident.  

Deputies said the woman whose car was hit with the wrench had been driving east on Highway 74 Saturday when she saw a red car ‘driving recklessly and crossing into opposing traffic to pass other vehicles.’ 

The woman turned on her phone camera and started filming, just in case a crash or worse occurred. 

Lewis sped away from the scene, but because the woman continued to record during the attack, she captured his face and vehicle license plate, helping sheriff’s investigators identify him 

Lewis was arrested at his home in Lakeland Village booked on one felony count of throwing an object at a vehicle and knowingly driving on a suspended license.

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