Raccoon named Hank Williams who thinks he’s a dog happily hangs out of car window


A Florida couple got quite the surprise when they were driving down a highway and spotted a raccoon casually sitting on the lap of the driver next to them. 

Savannah Jade and her boyfriend Jamal were in Homosasssa on Sunday when they saw the raccoon happily hanging out of the car window. 

The raccoon, whose name is Hank Williams, looked like he was enjoying the breeze as his paws casually hung out of the window. 

‘Look what she holdin’, look!’ Savannah can be heard telling Jamal as she films Hank passing by them. 

‘Oh s**t!’ he replies. 

Savannah later posted the video to Facebook, where it has since racked up more than 51,000 views. 

‘I can’t take living in Homosassa anymore man,’ Savannah wrote in the caption. 

The video eventually caught the attention of the driver, a woman named Trisha Dunavant. 

‘Just to let everyone know, that was me in that car and the famous raccoon’s name is Hank Williams,’ she wrote in a comment.  

Trisha revealed she rescued Hank when he was just two weeks old after he fell out of a tree and was abandoned by his mother. 

‘He thinks he’s a dog and is best friends with my 100lb pit bull,’ she added. ‘He just had his first birthday.’ 

While some found the idea of keeping a pet raccoon to be strange, others supported Trisha for taking care of Hank. 

‘Hat off to you ma’am that is absolutely awesome and he looks to be a happy camper with his mommy,’ one woman wrote. 

‘I think that is pretty awesome that you rescued that raccoon, he is adorable!’ another added. ‘I definitely wouldn’t let these really stupid comments get you down! Hank is pretty damn cool!’ 

Trisha later thanked those who had chimed in with support, calling Hank the ‘sweetest thing ever’.    

‘Thanks everyone I didn’t realize that so many people would react to me it’s just an everyday thing with him,’ she added. ‘He’s like one of my kids.’ 

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