Professional skateboarder films himself painfully falling off as he zooms down mountain roads

Hair raising footage shows a collection of fails endured by a popular long board rider as he speeds down hill on a board, only to fall and scrape his body along the road again and again.

Josh Neuman, the 19-year-old pro skateboarder who represents various skate brands, shared the video of his most recent ‘fails’ on social media.

The video features the young American skater from Charlotte, North Carolina, repeatedly falling from his board at high speed while travelling down hill. 

Skating routes in the Italian Dolomites, French Alps and Australian Alps the clips come from a selection of the skaters trips around the world.

Dressing in full length trousers, sleeves, knee pads and with padded gloves Mr Neuman is ready to take a fall as he carries out the dangerous moves. 

One fellow skater on social media commented: ‘Dress for the slide, not the ride’. 

The skater has a Youtube boasting over six million views and films his shots with a camera attached to the bonnet of a car that travels behind him.

He previously made headlines after skateboarding down the French Alps at a speed of 68mph – overtaking cyclists and car drivers.

Mr Neuman said: ‘The average speed throughout the trip was around 45mph. But the speed went up to 68mph when I was skating through French Alps.

‘I enjoyed skating through Alps because the roads were some of the best in the world, the views were amazing, and the camping and exploring, I did in the French Alps was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.’

Josh, who is also a videographer and an entrepreneur, and owns a videography company called NeuVision Media, said: ‘The amount of risk involved while skating depends on the road.

‘Some roads are closed and have places to safely fall while some roads can have cars on them as well as guard rails and cliffs.’

‘I’ve broken my wrist a couple times and cut my knee open down to the bone.’




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