Jake Askew, 20, uses new gender-swapping Snapchat filter to set up fake Tinder account

A student who decided to set up a fake Tinder account using a picture of him transformed into a girl using Snapchat’s new filter, has gone viral. 

Jake Askew, 20, from Norwich, used the social media platform’s new gender-swapping filter, and after being pleasantly surprised by how he looked as a girl, decided to set up a fake dating account under the pseudonym ‘Jess’ to see how she would do.

To his surprise his new profile was soon inundated with thousands of likes and  hundreds of matches, with Jake joking that Jess was the ‘most popular girl in Derby within the hour’.

However he also got a taste of what female singletons had to put up with on the app, receiving a few very suggestive messages.

Unveiling the results of his light-hearted test to Twitter, Jake shared a picture of himself as woman and wrote: ‘So rather than going out, me & SJ decided to see how far Jess could go on Tinder.. within an hour I was the most popular girl in Derby.’

Posting screenshots of the likes and matches to his account, it was clear that his alter ego had quickly picked up a fan base.

He added: ‘1510 wanting a bit of me with a filter on, stunned and honoured’, he wrote along with a screenshot of all the men that had swiped right on ‘Jess’. 

Jake continued by sharing a few of the messages he had received, with one reading:  ‘Hi, you alright? I hope you don’t mind me making a little comment  but you look absolutely beautiful’.

However the messages soon descended into more sordid territory, with Jake admitting men were ‘randy ba****ds’. 

The thread quickly racked up 15,000 likes from and retweets from amused followers. 

‘LMAO men are dogs’, one male follower wrote, while another added: ‘How could they not tell that was the Snapchat filter?’.

Elsewhere others begged for tips to help boost their own profiles, with one follower writing: ‘Please teach me your ways my Tinder is dry AF’.

One woman added: ‘1600 matches as a trap and I can’t even get one as glorious me’. 

And some women commented that it was time men got a taste of their own medicine, writing: ‘Now he knows what it’s like to be harassed for nudes by strangers’. 


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